Unlimited LTE Data, Now on KT

▶ Introducing the launch of ”LTE-950/1100/1300” rate plans, with initial unlimited data offering.

▶ ”LTE-550/650/750” rate plans also given the choice of unlimited data, or QoS option

▶ Promotion runs from February 1, to April 30, 2013.


KT now offers unlimited LTE data.


KT (CEO Suk-chae Lee, www.kt.com), in an effort to create an “All-IP” environment, has announced that it will offer unlimited LTE data to subscribers of the LTE-950, 1100, and 1300 rate plans between the dates of February 1 and April 30, 2013.

KT’s ”LTE-950/1100/1300” originally provide 14GB/20GB/25GB respectively.  Once the data in the plan has been used, an extra allotment of 3GB per day is given.

Even if the extra 3GB is exceeded in a given day, users can continue to use unlimited data at 2Mbps speeds, which allow for HD video streaming and web surfing.

In addition, the previously offered “LTE-550/650/750” rate plans have expanded offerings, including the “Data Safety” option.

Now, KT customers can choose from 2 services, depending on their ALL IP usage habits.  Subscribers who make more voice calls can choose to get 50 hours of in-network mobile to mobile calling, while heavy data users can choose to drastically reduce their monthly spending by choosing unlimited data.

Choosing the “Data Safety” option will give users the originally 9,000 won per month service for free.  Users will be given unlimited data usage beyond their monthly allotment at 400Kbps speeds.

Guk-hyun Kang, Director of the Product Planning Division, was quoted saying, “KT was the only carrier in Korea to offer data rollover services, in order to reduce the burden of mobile communications charges.  With the introduction of the Unlimited Data option, I expect that our customers will be able to more freely make use of our LTE WARP network.”


※  Additional Material


 ●  LTE Unlimited Data Promotion

Rate Plan

Voice Calls Data Messaging Included Voice Calling Services

Included Data Services


650 mins


650 messages

50 hours of free in-network mobile-to-mobile calling Unlimited LTE Data


1,050 mins


1,050 messages


1,250 mins


2,500 messages

Unlimited free in-network mobile-to-mobile calling


 ● LTE Unlimited Data QoS Promotion

Rate Plan

Voice Calls



Included Services (Choose 1)


Unlimited Data



Data Rollover


250 mins


250 messages

Unlimited data usage past given allotment at 400kbps

Data rollover &
50 hours of free in-network mobile-to-mobile calling


350 mins


350 messages


450 mins


450 messages

※ If an option is not selected, 50 hours of in-network mobile-to-mobile calling is provided, and access to data will be blocked once all data in the month’s allotment has been used.


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